Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rockytop Photos with Sassy Comments

"I'm tired. Are we there yet? Seriously, this shit is exhausting." A glimpse of The Poops as we near the summit of Rockytop. 

It'll help to know this hike was 3 weeks ago. Brad says, "I swear, I'll never spit out your dry chicken ever again, let me live, let. me. live!" Yet...the little turd spit out chicken I made just this past week. Shoulda pushed 'em when I had the chance. In all seriousness, a unique opportunity for a very safe "cliff." shot. He was safe the whole time...he thinks.

Mother Nature, what a bitch. She always looks great. I think this was taken from a South District Overlook, or maybe it was a clear spot from the hike. Note to self, don't wait so long to post pics from hikes. You'll forget where you took them, kinda like the time you "forgot" to throw away the marinara bottle and left it on top of the flour.

"This lady is absolutely ridiculous. I am not taking another damn picture." The Poops towards the end of our 10-mile trek. We did it, though, in 4-or-so hours.

Another great adventure in Mother Nature's hazy playground.

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