My name is Aimee, but most people call me Aim. I started this blog in December 2011 as way to keep my family and friends updated on my adventure across the country. I took a train trip from DC to LA just because I wanted to. I've kept up with the blog ever since.

I try to focus my posts on journeys, whether literal or figurative, that I've had in the book called life. To those of you who read my blog, thank you for sharing in those journeys and also for tolerating my sometimes corny sense of humor.

A little more about me...

I've been a student for forever. I have a Bachelor's in English and Creative Writing, and I'm my pursuing my Master's in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication. I know...it's a mouthful.

I love stories,

and dogs, and hiking, and hiking with my dog,

I love traveling,

and trees. Sometimes I even hug them. 

Just kidding. I don't really. People just say I do. 

I also love my wonderful non-husband, Brad. Anyone get that Wheel of Fortune reference?

We're best friends....even if we don't act like it sometimes.

My colleagues in my graduate program are my (dysfunctional) family. 

My real family is cool, too, especially my big brother, JLo. 

As you can probably tell, I play hard, but I work hard too. 

My biggest professional accomplishment to date?

Editing this book:

Check it out on amazon.com. You'll have to buy it to read the super sweet acknowledgement I got from the author, though!

After nineteen years in school and many, many freelance and part-time jobs, I am now entering the "real" world. Got a job as a Communications and IT Support Specialist for a local real estate company. How exciting, right? Gotta love new adventures...

The end.