Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogging Moments - Kayaking the Shenandoah

For the longest time, I figured the only way I'd ever get to see a Bald Eagle was inside a cage in a zoo or aviary. But last Wednesday, as I paddled down the Shenandoah in my kayak, one of the first sights I witnessed was a Bald Eagle diving down into the water to catch a fish.

Brad turned around in his kayak and yelled back to me, "Is that a blogging moment?" Um, yes.

When Brad exclaimed, "What the hell was that?" I considered "that" as another blogging moment. A box turtle swam past him, "Look at that!" he said. Mr. Turtle cruised through the water with only his little turtle head above the surface.

The blue heron guiding us down the Shenandoah. The cows cooling off in the water. The ducklings swimming behind Momma duck. This area, the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, is full of "blogging moments." And for those beautiful landscapes you can't capture with the right words, there's always a picture, and they say that's worth 1,000 words. Maybe more.

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